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Promotional Products

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Choosing the right promotional gifts When you choose promotional gifts you should ask yourself what message you want to send with your gift. What kind of impression do you want to make on the recipient? Your gift says quite a bit about you and your company, so it is important to make the right choice. A specially selected gift of high quality gives the recipient the impression that you are both considerate and quality-conscious. Something that is also reflected in your business activities.

At EKA you find the perfect promotional gifts – exclusive gifts that the recipient will use and enjoy for many years. A useful present is always appreciated, and customers who associate your company with something positive will always remember you. EKA has long experience of promotional gifts and always tries to find a solution that fits your particular wishes. Also, all of our knives are delivered in attractive gift boxes.


Promotional gifts presents golden opportunities to expose your company name. All EKA knives can be marked with any logotype, text or picture. All according to your wishes. As for the actual marking there are various methods to choose from – tampo printing, etching, laser engraving, screen printing and embossing. Which method is most suitable depends on which knife you have chosen, its material and design and the placement and size of the logo. In order to guarantee a perfect result all product marking is done internally by EKA.